04.03.09 Jessica D’Elena @ SCI-Arc

SCI-Arc faculty and part-time graphic designer for Morphosis Architects, Jessica D’Elena showed primarily her own student work for her lunchtime talk at the downtown campus Friday.

Before launching into her Cal Arts thesis, however, she provided her own pedagogical view – rather broadly – that students should attempt to do two things while learning: They should fail early and often, and they should mine themselves and their lives for inspiration.

It was easy to see that the search for identity was key to D’Elena’s own methodological procedure, and she really honed in on the spectacle of television and popular culture through the course of her life, how she (and the majority of us) grew up basting in it, and the consequences of "being born on TV" (D'Elena, in fact, really was born on TV - her birth was filmed for a documentary on natural childbirth).

But why Architecture? Jessica D’Elena is primarily interested in media representations and even more than that those representations’ impact on image and space. She argued that graphic design is currently not only a communication tool, but also a tool with which to combine the psychological, cultural, and technological. With the help of these tools, one can begin to facilitate new relationships between body/space/technology plus much more.

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