03.09.09 Beehives

With only a concise description offered on a flickr.com member page (see below), the artist who goes by the name "bumblebee" has been out at night leaving drippy, yellow paint smashed "beehives" in a number of abandoned phone booths around town. We think its a great idea and a timely commentary on our changing communications infrastructure and its consequences on the broader ecology of the city. Nice work.

"Telephone companies have been abandoning their public telephone booths by taking out the phones and leaving the structures beehind. (Probably due to the rise in cell phone users.) I want to reuse these structures as a way of communication with the public once more by replacing that empty space with paper-mache beehives. To me, this symbolizes the irony beehind the question, 'where have so many of the bees gone' and the theory that cell phone signals have been misguiding their normal patterns of migration"

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