02.19.09 Atelier Bow Bow @ REDCAT

Atelier Bow Wow’s fun-scale installation at the REDCAT theater and exhibition space downtown is not just a play on the Case Study houses of the 40s and 50s in L.A., but also a subtle and refreshingly casual take on L.A.’s heaviest Modern hitters: Neutra, Eames and Koenig.

There's a half sphere for lounging, a playpen for community barbecue-ing, and a dangerous looking hammock machine all presented as “houses” – and all constructed from big, off-colored heaps of scrap wood. These “houses” take their cues not from the historically boxy, white, and strictly modern Architectural past of Neutra and Ellwood, but instead these pieces revel in the unresolved, schizophrenic other: the sunburned, lazy outdoor living of Schindler and Eames. Atelier Bow Wow is riffing on the laid back vibe that the Taschen books ignore, and they’re cheering on the raggedy beach comber chic that has come to define the casual, nature-centric, Sunset living of post-Case Study L.A.

Show ends March 29.

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